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Cloud based Property Management System

Single interface management

Reservation management
Room management
Rates management
Client management
Channel management
Account management
  • No installation, server and administration costs

  • Full management and control from one devise

  • All free rooms are automatically offered for reservation on your website and all connected booking platforms

  • Data protection guaranteed by certified SSL security
    PCI compliant

  • Integrated with payment systems

  • Intuitively easy to use interface

  • Flexible configuration of access rights

Interactive calendar

  • Flexible and effective management of room inventory, guest reservations, room placement, room change, extensions and cancellation.
  • Quick navigation to any desired date. Ability to create new bookings and edit bookings directly in the calendar. Transition link from the calendar to the guest reservation card.
  • Visual display of real time actual information on reservations and their payment status.
  • Automatic synchronization of information about new bookings and cancellations in all sales channels

Transaction records

  • Online transaction log displays real time information about reservations that had been created and their overall sum.
  • Information can be easily filtered according to desired parameters.

Looking for solution to cover all your operational and management functions? MaxiBooking is here for you

Want to automate control over hotel infrastructure? Using several programs & platforms is too costly and troublesome – try versatile option instead

cloud base pms

MaxiBooking provides comprehensive property management cloud software that allows managing:

  • Properties availability;
  • Client database;
  • Reservations and sales channels;
  • Check-ins / Check-outs;
  • Room inventory;
  • Rates, prices and special offers;
  • Individual user & admin rights.

Designed for hoteliers by hoteliers, MaxiBooking property management system is adaptable for vacation rentals of ALL types and has no limits on the number of users or individual properties that can be managed from one account.

MaxiBooking provides

Customer database

Information about clients is stored in the database and is easy to retrieve for the new bookings. You can stay in touch with your clients and send them promotions and advertisement messages.

Flexible configuration of tariffs and rates

Easy customization tariffs by properties, room types, number of guests, duration, seasonality, days of the week and individual days. Simple and complex rates: room only, bed and breakfast, etc.


Wide range of tools to monitor and control financial activity, effectiveness of sales channels, employee KPIs, budgets, profit forecast and profitability improvement.

Extensive functionality of our cloud based system makes it a system of choice for any type of hotel and hospitality property

No limits on the maximum number of rooms and room types

For Hostels – ability to do individual beds bookings

Multi-hotel system: no limits on the maximum number of hotels and apartments that can be managed from one account

About property management cloud software

Want to automate control over hotel infrastructure? Using several programs & platforms is too costly and troublesome – try versatile option instead.

Cloud property management software solution covers multiple aspects of vacation rental business: reservations, rates, clients, check-in / check-out, rooms, staff, etc. MaxiBooking online property cloud manager doesn’t require installation or coding and is easily accessible from any device with Internet connection.

What’s included in the solution? MaxiBooking property manager cloud platform provides multiple useful instruments and tools:

  1. Interactive calendar that displays information on properties availability, reservations, cancellations, payments status, etc in simple visual form. Information is updated in real time. Bookings can be managed directly in the calendar.
  2. Transaction records and payments history details with the possibility to filter data by various parameters.
  3. Customer database with client information & contacts. Stay connected with guests, make personalized offers.
  1. Convenient price management. You can adjust rates according to season, duration, rooms, additional services, etc.
  2. Statistics and analytics on sales and occupancy data, productivity of sales channels, etc.
  3. Customizable individual access rights. You control who and how can access the system.

Cloud based property management system from MaxiBooking helps to stay in control of operations and bookings, and makes vacation rental activities management easier and more efficient.

The channel manager online from MaxiBooking is suitable for any type of vacation rental business and has no limits on the number of users and properties that can be managed from one account. Let online manager automate processes and simplify daily activities to optimize operational control and efficiency.

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