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Find Hotels in Australia via Online Accommodation Sites Booking and Discover This Fantastic Continent

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Everything is far away in Australia. It’s wild and equally beautiful with rust-colored sand and mixed-shades reefs that surround megacities. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the west and the South Pacific to the east, Australia is a home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Bondi in Sydney and the surfer’s paradise, the Gold Coast.

There is also a wide selection of bed&breakfast and guesthouses on online accommodation sites booking, but if you are looking for more luxury, try one of the aparthotels or luxury hotels that are located in most cities. Furthermore, every tourist is quite interested in the variety of opportunities that are available on the land of the Golden Fleece and what costs can be expected. For this reason, we provide a detailed overview below, which provides a good insight into the topic and is a great help in the decision-making.

Online Accommodation Sites in Australia: All Options at a Glance

Online Accommodation Sites in Australia

Online Accommodation Sites in Australia

If you have a bucket list, Australia is a grateful place for one-of-a-kind experiences, whether it’s Cage-diving with white sharks, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or riding on the Great Ocean, just to name a few. The multitude of Australians live in one of the most stylish cities, such as the glamorous Sydney with its iconic Opera House and the Harbor Bridge or the sport-crazy cultural center in Melbourne. Adelaide in the south offers a frenzy at festivals, while the west is home to Perth bringing sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle. There are countless ways to find a suitable accommodation in Australia on a variety of conditions. Whatever standard, price range, ambiance or purpose, this country has a very good range of different accommodation for every taste. At first, it may be unclear what exactly you want and where you should begin your search. In principle, the decision-making is not so difficult, because it really depends only on the purpose of the planned down-under travel as well as your own claims.

Online Accommodation Sites in Australia

Online Accommodation Sites in Australia

For a manageable period, a trip to Australia, whether an individual or package holiday, only hotels, resorts, hostels, or campsites for overnight stay are in question. If you want to work or study for a year, it is clear that you need to have a permanent dwelling. If a year of work and travel is imminent, of course you should stay as flexible as possible and not commit yourself to a long-term lease. In plain language, it means that it is often clear even before the start of the journey how one will live in Australia. This preliminary information in turn facilitates the search to book hotel accommodation for optimal price and specific occasion.

Book All Accommodation Types Cheap




Hotels are comfortable accommodations for travelers who value cleanliness, tranquility, good service, a certain standard and a pleasant hotel atmosphere. 1-to-5-star hotels can easily be found in all major Australian cities or popular holiday destinations.

Advantages: quietude, cleanliness, good service, comfort, a restaurant available, safety, often pretty central location, generally, a pool is available.
Disadvantages: more expensive than some other accommodations, without personal kitchen.

A hotel in Australia is, like almost anywhere else in the world, a popular lodging option for tourists who would like to have a bit more comfort. Also, they are classified by stars in Down Under. Of course, depending on the number of stars, the general standard and the price per night will increase as well. Thus, there should be something for every purse and different needs to book hotel accommodation. However, it should be noted that in recent years, a slight increase in prices in the hotel industry has been recorded. This trend is not only true for Australia, but for almost all popular travel destinations worldwide.

Star distribution & price ranges

  • 1 – 3 stars
  • 3 – 4 stars
  • 4 – 4½ stars
  • 4½ – 5 stars

Special Offers & Known Hotel Chains

  • Great deals for every taste
  • Book cheap via accommodation sites
  • All other accommodations at a glance
  • Low price guarantee

The prices can vary greatly depending on the season and region. Especially in summer, you often have to pay more for one night than the low season. In addition, hotels in major cities such as Sydney or Melbourne are usually much more expensive than in rural regions and small towns. Many hotels in Australia offer special offers to fill their rooms. This is especially true during low season, as many rooms are empty at this time. For this reason, it is always worth keeping your eyes open and comparing prices. Nationally known and relatively large Australian hotel chains are Choice Hotels Australia, Go Koala and Best Western. Of course, on the 5th continent there are also the internationally renowned hotels of Marriott, Novotel, Ibis, Holiday Inn, Mercure, InterContinental, Crowne Plaza and Hilton.

Resorts and Lodges

Resorts and  Lodges

Resorts and Lodges

Resorts & Lodges are just the thing for all travelers who appreciate a great holiday atmosphere, good business options, nice rooms, well-kept pool and striking landscapes in the area. In addition to hotels, resorts and lodges are among the most popular accommodations for travelers with medium to high budgets.

Advantages: well-kept, good service, comfortable stay, a restaurant available, safety, holiday flair, good company program offered, an exceptionally good location (in town or in nature), usually a very nice facility with large pool area available, suitable for families.
Disadvantages: depending on luxury class, it is more expensive than other types of accommodation.

Resorts: Great Deals for Every Taste
Resorts and lodges are among the most beautiful and consequently the most popular types of accommodation in Australia. Especially holidaymakers who not only want to spend their overnight accommodation, but expect a very specific, country-specific flair, are well advised with resorts and lodges. Fantastic locations, stylish rooms, an exuberant holiday mood and very beautiful holiday resorts characterize the appearance of the two types of accommodation, which can be booked in a wide variety of budget classes. There are also a lot of attractive resorts in Australia, which were often built in very special places. Especially the typical holiday resorts, such as Port Douglas, Byron Bay, Noosa or the Whitsunday Islands. There are numerous leisure options (tennis, golf, fitness etc.), first-class wellness facilities (sauna, massage, spa, etc.) varied entertainment programs and picturesque green spaces.

Features of Resorts & Lodges

  • Mostly a very great location
  • Nicer atmosphere than in a hotel
  • Exuberant holiday mood
  • Often good company offers
  • Well-kept and typical regional resorts which are ideal for relaxing
  • Well-equipped wellness areas
  • Different price ranges for online accommodation booking

The most beautiful resort locations at a glance
While some adventure seekers prefer the tropical north (Cairns, Port Douglas, Darwin, Whitsunday Islands etc.), other travelers prefer the wild, endless landscapes of South Australia (Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island, Margaret River etc.). No matter what you want for your dream vacation, lodges and resorts of different price ranges are available almost everywhere in the country. Nonetheless, there are places that are particularly recommended and can also convince with the most beautiful resorts Down Under:

  • Port Douglas
  • Whitsunday Islands
  • Gold Coast
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Byron Bay
  • Darwin & environment
  • Broome & surroundings
  • Adelaide & surrounding area
  • The best luxury lodges in Australia
  • Southern Ocean Lodge




Hostels are spartan lodgings, many of which are sought after by out-of-the-way backpackers on a budget and low-end.

Advantages: inexpensive, fast social networking, high fun factor, information exchange, choice between dorm, double and single rooms, often good location, well equipped (kitchen, TV room, pool etc.)
Disadvantages: less privacy, sometimes quite loud, lower standard, possibly not quite hygienic.

The hostel in Australia is the most popular on accommodation sites among backpackers. The reasons are plausible: they are relatively cheap, you quickly get to know people from all over the world, they are well located, usually there is a very exuberant holiday mood, they are almost everywhere, they offer tours&events of all kinds to customers. The entertainment factor is a top priority and interior equipment is exactly what a backpacker usually expects. That said, the popular budget accommodation has adapted perfectly to its clientele over the years and can therefore be found in every imaginable way.

Facilities & Rooms
Hardly a backpacker will miss anything in an Australian hostel as it meets all the basic needs of most backpackers. Well-equipped kitchens (fridge, freezers, cutlery, plates, pans, pots etc.) as well as social lounges with DVD player, TV, sofas, billiard table and reading corner are standard. Of course, there are also plenty of showers and toilets that are usually shared with several people. Furthermore, some of these budget accommodations boast a pool, a bar or even an on-site disco. But you also do not have to do without a computer room, Internet, washing machines or lockers. Almost every hostel offers single rooms, double rooms and dorms (shared rooms). For the single and double rooms, there can often be two different categories, one with a private bath, another – without one. Of course, this extra luxury results in the price. But also, the dorms are available in different versions. So, you usually have the choice to opt for a slightly cozier 4 – 6-bed room or a slightly cheaper 8-, 10- or 12-bed room to relate. Some hostels even offer their guests rooms that can hold up to 20 people. Of course, here is no longer talk of coziness, but rather of mass processing and restless sleep.

Prices & Tips on Discount Hotel Websites Australia
The prices vary greatly according to the number of beds in a room, season, popularity rate and location of the accommodation, so it is best to always compare multiple offers. Especially in backpacker metropolises, such as Cairns, Darwin, Byron Bay, Broome, Sydney, Melbourne, making early reservations makes sense, however even in smaller towns rooms can be scarce during peak seasons, holidays, weekends or bank holidays.

Different hostel types
There are now several different hostel types in Australia for backpackers. The reason is quite simple: over time, a backpacker scene has become so established that it has become an indispensable part of the Australian tourist market and many business people also want to differentiate. As the supply of accommodation seems insatiable, operators must come up with something new to impress backpackers.

  • A "normal" backpacker hostel

    This type was built from the beginning for one reason: to accommodate backpackers and gear everything to this tourist type. For this reason, they usually contain a communal kitchen, an outdoor area, a common area and everything that makes the backpacker’s heart happy.

  • Pub hostel

    Pub-hostels or pub-hotels usually look very attractive from the outside and often operate above the still intact pub. The style of this type of accommodation is very striking, as it is reminiscent of the beginnings of the colonization of Australia. The location is usually very central and you can quickly be in the middle of the action. But the noise level can be slightly higher at a later hour and the alcohol level of the pub guests.

  • Remodeled motels

    There are a lot of backpacker hostels in Australia that used to be a motel. They are characterized by the fact that they consist of fairly small dormitories and have their own bathroom in each room. Although this is a little more private. The icing on the cake is the fact that most of remodeled motels have a swimming pool that provides refreshment on hot days.

  • Hotel and Motel Hostels

    The hotel and motel industry also moved quickly and integrated the backpacker scene into their business plan. For this reason, there are now some hotels and motels that offer multi-bed rooms for backpackers. Here it is a little quieter and the atmosphere is not as noisy as in the other types of hostel online accommodation booking.

  • Remodeled family houses

    Living in this type is a very cozy and familiar matter, as there is usually a fully equipped shared kitchen and a shared room. Even though the location is not very central and waiting times for the bath are a bit higher, these charming accommodations are captivating due to their private atmosphere. At any rate, it is not difficult to make contacts here because you live very close to other backpackers.

  • Holiday Homes

    Holiday Homes

    Holiday Homes

    The so-called Holiday Apartments, Holiday Flats or Holiday Units are available in almost all popular holiday destinations.

    Pros: privacy, coziness, good facilities, homelike atmosphere, many different options for every taste and every budget, spaciousness.

    Cons: not quite cheap depending on the size.

    In Australia, they offer a good and comfortable alternative to classic hotels or resorts, especially for families or smaller groups. This type of accommodation is ideal, as it offers plenty of space and privacy, as well as optimal equipment. Depending on how many people rent a holiday apartment or a holiday home, they could cost less than a hotel. It is also possible to cook your own meals, to make yourself at home and possibly to enjoy a private pool with garden. But the different locations leave nothing to be desired. Whether on the beach, in the city center, in the mountains, in the outback, on the lake or river, everyone should find something suitable for their needs.

    Bed & Breakfast Offered by the Best Hotel Booking Website Australia

    Bed & Breakfast is very popular with travelers in Australia who prefer individual accommodation with charm and a personal flair.

    Advantages: fast networking, you get to know the typical Australian way of life, relatively cheap, family atmosphere.
    Disadvantages: usually no central location.

    Every bed and breakfast provider in Australia has a clear idea of ​​what their accommodation should look like. That’s why the B & Bs vary a lot in their atmosphere and their listings on discount hotel websites Australia. Some prefer the more out-of-the-way outback style, while others prefer modern equipment. For this reason, you should always look at your bed and breakfast accommodation before booking so that you can really feel at home during your holiday. One thing is clear: every B & B radiates much more individuality compared to standardized hotel chains. Another advantage of this accommodation option is that you are in direct contact with the hosts, who are usually very open-minded. The prices vary as everywhere depending on location, facilities and season.


    • Farm stay – Most of the time you live on remote farms and get a real insight into the life of the Outback Aussies.
    • WWOOFing – In order to receive accommodation and food, they agree to participate in the so-called WWOOF program and work on the farm for about 4 to 6 hours per day.




    Camping is an adventurous, cozy and affordable way to stay under the stars of Down Under. Almost all campsites accommodate campers or campervans, are well equipped (pool, fireplace, kitchen, etc.) and have a nice atmosphere.

    Advantages to book camping on cheap hotel websites Australia: affordable pricing, comfort, high fun factor (if you like camping), nice ambience, nature experience, adventures, good facilities.
    Disadvantages: mostly off the beaten track.

    What could be better than wild camping in Australia? If you really want to get to know the Australian nature, you cannot beat it, move your tired bones a few meters or even kilometers and look for your dream spot in the countryside. Surely there is nothing better in Australia than spending a night under a clear sky. You decide where to build your own home for the night. Furthermore, adventure degree is certainly unbeatable and what you get offered by nature, is priceless. Fresh air, exotic animals, the sound of the sea and a great deal of awareness are on the agenda for wild camping in Australia.

    Wild camping
    You often get to know very nice people in the evening, who are mostly sociable and also happy about some company (mostly so-called Gray Nomads who are traveling with their motorhome, tell interesting stories and always feel like a glass of wine). However, if you do not want anyone around and enjoy the beauty of the country on your own, Australia gives the opportunity. In such a sparsely populated country, it is quite possible to find a beautiful place with a little physical activity, where neither other people nor a ranger disturb the deserved night’s sleep.

    Tips & Conclusion

    Campsites and all places in nature are usually safer than a backpacker hostel. When wild camping, you should always leave enough time to search for a perfect place. One wonders what great spots there are in Australia where you can build your little home. Do not be afraid of nature, never leave rubbish and treat her with respect!

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