Personal website

  • – Ready immediately after registration in MaxiBooking
  • – Filling data takes no more than 10 minutes
  • – Has an adaptive design for any device.
  • – Connected to all program modules: channel manager, pms, reservation module

Online booking engine

  • ― Increases direct sales of your hotel
  • ― Suitable for any website
  • ― No commission fees
  • ― Supports all leading payment systems
  • ― Accessible from any devise from anywhere in the world
  • ― Ideal design

Channel Manager

  • ― Automated management of sales and distribution channels
  • ― Automated real-time synchronization and information updates
  • ― Integration with all leading booking platforms

Cloud based Property Management System

  • ― Single interface for rooms, reservations, rates, clients, sales channels and accounts management
  • ― Interactive calendar
  • ― Transaction records

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