About us

MaxiBooking — all inclusive for successful sales

MaxiBooking provides property management solutions for hotels, holiday resorts and individual properties. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland MaxiBooking optimizes room allocation and booking processes helping hotels to maximize their profits. Efficiency and technological innovation form the foundation of our work. At MaxiBooking you always get quality at irresistible prices.

Our property management system uses latest technologies for both functional and visual interface making it innovative, functionally sophisticated and easy to use. Developed by hoteliers for hoteliers MaxiBooking PMS features improve hotels’ profit margins, increase sales, reduce transaction and management control costs, strengthen position of your hotel in the market improving its competitiveness and deliver strong financial results.

MaxiBooking – Maximize your profits!

  • Automation of hotel’s management processes to maximize hotel’s profits
  • Quality at irresistible prices
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Development of features that advance the industry
  • Success of our clients
  • Prosperity through innovation

We are always open to collaboration and stake in the success of each of our clients

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