Channel Manager

Channel Manager – automated management
of sales and distribution channels

MaxiBooking Channel Manager – instrument for simultaneous management of all your sales and distribution channels

Synchronization with 100+ booking platforms.

Suitable for all types of properties. No limits on the number of rooms

Sales management based on analytics of effectiveness of each individual channel

Automated real-time information
synchronization and updates

Information about new reservations
and updates automatically synchronizes
across all channels preventing

Cancelled rooms immediately
become available for booking
in all channels increasing opportunity
for their re-sale.

Ability to simultaneously update
rates, prices and special offers
in all channels.

Booking platforms integrated
with MaxiBooking

* with

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MaxiBooking Channel Manager is suitable for all types of properties including chain hotels, individual hotels, apartments, and hostels.

MaxiBooking automatically synchronizes information with leading booking platforms. Channel Manager helps to control management of online resources, reducing costs of manual interaction, optimizing strategic decisions, and maximizing profit opportunities.

Manual management of online resources takes time and has risks of input errors that could reduce profits.

Automation of room management simplifies hotel’s interaction with sales channels and prevents overbooking. You will not need to individually update information on rooms availability and price in each sales channel. Connect with MaxiBooking and your business decisions on new tariffs and rooms availability will be immediately reflected in all your sales channels.

Channel Management system allows to:
— Manage rates and rooms availability simultaneously in all channels;
— Do sales statistics across various categories;
— Analyze and optimize prices in line with demand and supply.

MaxiBooking Channel Manager:
— Is accessible from any desktop, tablet and smartphone devise;
— Has information on all reservations in a single management point;
— Is integrated with Online booking engine;
— Provides business analytics functions.