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Want to Create a great Hotel Booking Site for Business? It’s All about the Website Design!

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The first impression counts. It only takes a few seconds for a brain to make a decision on whether to stay on a website or not, and there is no second chance. For this reason, website’s design is certainly one of the most essential matters to decide upon before creating a Hotel Booking Site. In a certain sense, it is a practical doorway for your hotel business online. So let’s review the best application examples for a webpage design.

Important Things to Remember before Creating a Hotel Booking Website

Focus on Details to Easily design or Build Website for your Hotel

What distinguishes a quality homepage design besides the text and content? Well, appearance is not everything. The Hotel Booking Site must also work well. Therefore, most examples of successful business websites not only convince visually, but also stand out with a clever logical design flow. Of course, not all pages are 100% ideal, but the designs described here are definitely worth considering. There are key elements to keep in mind when you want to create a website:

  1. The home page answers the questions “What is this company?”, “What does it do?” and “What can visitors do here?” Your slogan should be “Do not overburden!”
    If visitors do not realize what your business is about in a snap of a finger, they probably will not continue with your website for long.
  2. Hotel website has a target group
    A home page must be clearly focused and aimed at the right people engaging them using their own language. The best home pages refrain from technical gibberish and do not beat around the bush.
  3. Webpage contains a performance statement
    If visitors land on your page, they need an incentive to stay. They must see that browsing your website will pay off. The homepage is a good place to include a performance statement.
  4. Design is tailored for mobile devices
    Navigation must be easy and there should be no distracting things like blinking animations, banners, pop-ups or needless items that interfere with browsing. Optimization for mobile devices is a great plus.
  5. Call to Action (CTA) is available
    High-priority and second-priority calls-to-action that drive visitors to the next logical steps are important. Examples: Buy Now, Try Demo, Find Out More, Free Trial.
  6. The webpage is updated continuously
    Many successful business websites are not always static. They can change due to dynamic media or HIL.
  7. The home page has an overall appealing design
    A well-structured hotel website should ease into confidence, add value, and take viewers to the next steps. For this purpose, homepages effectively use different elements and criteria, all of which are coordinated with each other, such as CTA processing, fonts, colors, whitespace, layout, etc.

Three Best Hotel Websites Design Patterns Belonging to Real Companies

Website design for your estate, hotel, hostel or individual rental promotion is of key importance, and before it is signed off to production, it is worth having a look at the experience of some of the most successful dealers in this domain. Your offer will be presented on various booking portals, which are first hand used by customers. What design elements do they use and apply?


Screenshot from Airbnb website

Why this page convinced us to consider how to design a website:

The hotel website design is beautiful in and of itself: viewers are greeted with a banner that occupies the entire screen. Images that customers display on their Airbnb-booked trips and available voyages of discovery are very personal and authentic. With this aim in mind, a search form for a destination and dates directly leads bookers to the next logical step. Likewise, the search mechanism is initiative, i.e. it will immediately be filled in with the data from the last query from the users when they are signed in. The high-priority call-to-action stands out in color. And the second-priority call-to-action for keepers is shown in the directly visible area.

Screenshot from website

Why this website convinced us:

The focus of system is primarily on conversion. It is crucial for a website maker that prospective bookers can quickly find the data required, the content is legible and unambiguous; and that there are no barriers to booking.

Features of system comprise:

  • The fastest loading time in the industry and the best hotel websites design;
  • Highly personalized layout to exactly match the design of your hotel website;
  • Several filtering options, i.e. to select the number of rooms as part of the search;
  • Promo and coupon codes for discounts and deals;
  • Optimized picture galleries to better present your rooms;
  • Integrated food configuration per room;
  • Integrated configuration for room occupancy and age of the child;
  • Pre-installed possibility of displaying price comparison widgets from multiple providers;
  • Own area for offers with personalized presentation;
  • Possibility of booking several rooms at once within the same booking process.


Screenshot from website

Why this homepage is convincing to us:

New approach to business website flexible data is unique in the industry in terms of speed and ease of use, as well as the extent to which the data is presented. Often a booking decision is made on the basis of the price; the period plays less of a role. To make website, the classic approach of a booking system – search for dates is therefore not always optimal. Therefore, in the Expedia booking system, you can switch between the classic time entry and the price calendar. Unlike competing and charging and reloading data and frustrating the users with delays, Expedia’s pricing calendar allows up to 2 years of upfront appointments to be made instantly and effortlessly without further data loading. The interface is suitable for mobile devices and can be navigated with your finger with clear emphasis on the best daily rate. With a few simple clicks, you can make a booking.

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