Optimized bookings

Optimized bookings – 100% room occupancy rates

Empty room is an opportunity for profit

Our exclusive “Optimized bookings” feature allows you to set sales parameters so that during the search your clients will be automatically offered options that will be preventing formation of day gaps check-outs and check-in shorter than the time gap that you set.

For example, with an average duration of stay of 7 days it could be challenging to find clients that will be willing to stay less. If one of your guests books a room from 1st of August till 10th of August, and another guest is planning to book a room from 12th of August till 19th of August, two days between 10th of August and 12th of August likely will not be sold. Empty room is an opportunity for profit.

With MaxiBooking you can solve it. The system can be easily configured so that during the search stage it would automatically form offers that would prevent the formation of difficult to sell day gaps.

You can set any interval that you like, and have different intervals for different periods.

Optimized bookings and room allocation feature helps you to achieve highest occupancy rate for your hotel maximizing your profit.

Without Optimized bookings feature

With Optimized bookings feature

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